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    SOMA BOX OFFICE (No Service Fees): Wed-Thurs. 5:30 - 7:30pm and Show Days 4-10pm
    ONLINE: - Print your tickets at Home! Online tickets will not be shipped. Matching ID is required with ONLINE lunatiks tickets upon entry to venue. Note: Only one id is required for multiple ticket orders.

    Online service fees range from $1.75 - $3.50 per ticket and are non-refundable when an event is cancelled.

    *Lost or stolen tickets of any kind must be reported to SOMA as soon as possible. We are not responsible for lost tickets but refund of stolen property will be issued upon presentation of police report and proof of credit card purchase. Please avoid any problems by keeping your tickets in a safe place. Tickets may be bought night of any show at SOMA box office providing ticket availability. It is recommended to purchase in advance.

    Any further information needed write us at:

    LUNATIKS - SOMA Online Tickets

    LUNATIKS - SOMA TICKETS - Ticket inquiries, Tech Issues, Billing...

    IMPORTANT: Online service fees range from $1.75 - $3.50 per ticket and are non-refundable if an event is cancelled.

    STEP ONE: shows page. Click the LUNATIKS button and go to the ticket purchase page. Or enter in your search browser.

    STEP TWO: Fill in all the information on the page as it is all required. *NOTE: ID is required to match name on ticket - Enter persons name using ticket in the personal info. section if billing info. is different. Click the submit button (your card will not be charged at this point). Only one matching ID will be required at the door for multiple ticket orders - please have your party together when you enter the building.

    STEP THREE: Review your information! Make sure you entered your billing information accurately as we verify all billing addresses.

    STEP FOUR: Click "Confirm". Your order will be processed at this time. You will be sent an email confirmation reciept. *If you have a PRINT ERROR - Email your Full Name and Show you ordered and new tickets will be emailed.

    STEP FIVE: You will be automatically prompted to print this page.(*Some Browsers/setting vary) *If you have a PRINT ERROR - Email your Full Name and Show you ordered and new tickets will be emailed.

    Printed tickets are your entry to the event - You DO NOT need to redeem anything.


    IMPORTANT: Internet speeds vary...Allow all ticket graphics to load COMPLETELY prior to hitting PRINT button.

    Thats it! You have ordered and printed your concert ticket. All online tickets have a unique code that will be verified with your ID at the door. Keep your ticket in a safe place - the box office reads your unique code ONCE. 99% of tickets are completed without problems BUT in the event you have one... DO NOT PANIC! SOMA will assist you promptly. EMAIL your issue.
    Write us at:

    NOTE: SOMA will not accept scalped or name transferred tickets.


    Parking is Free! SOMA has been issued by the Sports Arena additional parking North Side of the venue - South End of Sports Arena lot. There is additional parking within the strip mall location on a first come first serve basis. There will be no drinking or use of drugs within SOMA secured parking zone. Those found to violate will be ejected from the premises. No loitering in parking lot will be tolerated. Proceed directly to the line.

    Door/Show Time - Set Lists

    Check the website - SOMA always lists Door time on the shows page! Opening act will begin within a half hour. We do not receive set times from the artist until day of event ... sorry.

    SOMA Stage/Venue Specs

    Click here to view SOMA's specs page.


    SOLD OUT SHOWS are sold out. SOMA does not release tickets after shows are sold out. Purchase tickets in advance - sign our mailing list to get onsale dates and show release information.

    Ticket Refunds

    There are no refunds after purchase.

    SOMA Local Booking

    You must meet the following: Any age, ability to play 20 min of original set, must have cd of at least 3 songs, (quality not important! - just want to hear your epic potential)
    In order to request a show at SOMA contact us at: Make sure to include the following in the email: Band Name, Phone Contact, Myspace Address and when you are available.

    DO NOT SEND US MP3 FILES! Any emails that get sent with MP3 files are automatically deleted from our mail server and we never see them or your message. Instead, simply send us links to the MP3 files. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    How do I get my band in the list of bands?

    Go to the band list page and click on the "Submit Band" link. When you submit your information, you will be sent an email to the address you enter in order to validate that you have given us a valid e-mail. Click the link in the email and then wait for us to verify your information before we make it visible on the site.

    What shouldn't I bring to a show?

    SOMA will not tolerate any exposed racist tattoos or symbols. SOMA will also not tolerate any gang clothing. SOMA security reserves the right to search those entering the venue. Do not bring large bags, any object that could be used as a weapon, alcohol, drugs, pen markers, knives, guns (toys or otherwise) sharp objects, bottles, cans, food or beverage, cameras, video recorders or audio recording devices. At the sole discretion of SOMA Security, items that are construed as a violation of the above, will be confiscated. Lets keep it simple and follow these important rules.

    Personal injury disclaimer

    Upon entry to SOMA San Diego you are assuming all risk of injury resulting from, or in connection to actions taken place within the venue. No employee or affiliated promoter, company or sponsor will be responsible for personal damage or injury within the venue at any time.

    Sponsorship/Advertising: info

    SOMA is currently seeking like-minded financial sponsorship. Our majority audience is 13-24 years (49% male - 51% female).

    Those interested in communicating with SOMA regarding special event, web, radio, TV, band sponsorship or print forms of advertising/sponsorship please contact us via email at: Contact:

    Are the SOMA facilities available for rental?

    SOMA facilities are available upon request to any organization requiring space for legal function. For information please send us your date needs, specify intended usage and date requirements. The further advance notice we have the better we can accommodate your dates and entertainment requirements if booking through SOMA contacts. We will do our best to meet your needs. See our venue specs page to find more details regarding the size and accomodations we have available.
    (Note: If you are intending to produce a concert you must be a licensed promoter.)

    If you wish to host a private party or function at SOMA you may acquire a catering licensee for alcohol in the venue.


    If you are a non profit organization e-mail our Director of Community Services: Contact:

    How do I open for a national touring act?

    Once you have shown the ability to bring 80-100 fans to your show in the side stage (Occupancy 500+ you are eligable for the opportunity to open for a national touring artist. SOMA continues to maintain its focus in creating opportunity for local bands to get noticed. SD bands will get priority booking.

    Where do we send in our band's demo/presskit?

    Send your demo/presskit to the venue address:
    3350 Sports Arena Blvd, Suite I
    San Diego, CA 92110

    OR - Email - Include: Phone number, Band Name and myspace address

    Where can I see pictures of SOMA?

    Venue pictures page, of course!


    Moshing at SOMA is prohibited. Crowd surfing is prohibited. Violence of any kind is prohibited. You will be ejected from the venue. NO REFUNDS.

    Band Playing at SOMA

    Flyering must be done in legal locations. No telphone polls - city property, etc. You will be fined!